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Instructions to create your webRTC account @free-solutions.org


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Account is not needed to perform a videocall but it provide a complete access to free-solutions.org collaborative and realtime features

webRTC Collaboration platform what's for ?


This is an Open Source Collaboration Platform. It enable all features you need to start with an On-Line Collaboration platform.

webRTC and realtime communication is embedded so you can also perform audio conferences and video conferences with members.

webRTC provide high quality realtime audio video communication.

Through our collaborative Wordpress server you can communicate and have social web features similar to Facebook or Google +. With webRTC you also get features similar to skype or Hangout. As a result you get all usual social fonctionalties available on public servers within your own private company server.

Feel Free to create your account and experience collaborative webRTC technology now. Make friends, create groups and post articles or news.


Connect from your mobile phone,  share voice and video from any location, chat with other users use the social platform from anywhere with your mobile


Software Requirements

As a core characteristic of webRTC, you do not need any application except a webRTC enabled browser. Currently Chrome, Chromium, Opera are supported on any computer. Firefox support will be enable in upcoming realeases. IOS is not supported


Instructions to create your account @free-solutions.org

1-Click on Google/Facebook/Twitter Icon to create your account at Free-Solutions.org


2-Reset your password, click on set Passwd Tab



  • This will send you an email with instructions and link to set your password. Check your Email Spam if you do not receive a mail from free-solutions.org


  • Bookmark and Use this URL to connect directly  : http://free-solutions.org or still using google or facebook button
  • Add /invite friends to interact within the platform
  • Check HOWTO and use additionnal apps

ANDROID devices :

Download and install our Android Application



Or simply navigate to https://webrtc.free-solutions.org with default android browser or chrome.


Credentials for mobile clients

you need to set/reset your password at free-solutions.org first

Free-Solutions XMPP - Jabber server credentials :

  • server name : webrtc.free-solutions.org
  • Username : firstname_lastname
  • Password : the one you set within Free-solutions.org

Use these credentials to connect with any XMPP Client such as Spark, Jitsi, Xabber or any other xmpp client

Usefull Links and references

Jive Openfire community : http://www.igniterealtime.org/

Free-solutions : http://www.free-solutions.ch


Interested ? Want to know more ? You have a project ?

Register at https://www.free-solutions.org and add me as a friend




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