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Claude Stabile Skills matrix


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App/Technology Frequence UsageExpertise Level
1 2 3 4 5

1 2 3 4 5

IT Competancies and expertise


Building and delivering full SSD ultra fast server with centOS 7 and pre-configured for webRTC

various ODROID Arm Linux devices & Rapberry PI

3D TouchScreen Laptops running Linux Mageia & Ubuntu

Android mobiles and tablets

Current hardware usage

Hardware DescUsageOS
Several Transtec SMP Caleo servers hosted in switzerlandwebservers, Email webmail, webRTC,XMPP databasesCentOS 7
3D Lenovo Touch screen Laptops ATI & Nvidia boardsLaptop daily usageMageia5 / Ubuntu 14 &16+
3D HP DV series Touch screen Laptops ATI & Nvidia boardsLaptop daily usageMageia5 / Ubuntu 14 &16+
Linux Tower local serverLocal serverMageia 5
Rapberry PIVarious experimentsUbuntu arm
Several Android Tablets Acer,Samsung,archeosdaily usage & webRTCAndroid 5/6/7
Odroid mini arm LinuxwebRTC Client and server prototypesarchlinux android & ubuntu arm 14/16+



Hardware DescUsagePilot experience
Drone DJGO Pro 4kOutdoor landscape movies - No professionnal usage so far1


Operating Systems



OS NameExperienceLevel of expertise

Linux over 20 years exp

CentOS 7
Kali Linux
Ubuntu 14.04 16.x arm & x86
Mageia 5 & 6
UNIX 20years + sys admin

Linux user & administrator  since 1994. Linux architect and linux internet system builder since 1996

I am using exclusively Linux every day

Using Linux on Laptops, installing servers, managing security and firewalls

20 years + Expertise






2 examples of exposed Linux servers and infra delivered

100% Linux ISP and 1st Paris Linux expo site Powered by a Linux backend 1999

Hosting on Linux 1st french linux-expo Internet-archive link
webRTC SaaS and bare metal servers / 2017

Providing IT infra and backends to several customers, for example Traderlynk London is using our cloud facilities and servers

AIX 7.xAIX system admin since 1994 AIX 3.x--> Providing AIX expertise and virtualisation for banking projects mainly5
SolarisSolaris System admin since 1992 Providing Solaris expertise and virtualisation for banking projects mainly5
MS-WINSystem admin and install for some customer projects and banking projects installations3



Network, TCP/IP, network architect, security & firewalling



Skills & apps & protocolsExpertise UsageLevel of expertise
TCP/IP & InternetBuild, design,configure monitor and secure networks for banking customers and manage Free-Solutions Framework inc NAT & VPN5
DNS, bind, name registrationManage DNS records, subdomain, renewal for customers as well as Free-Solutions servers. Domain registration with providers4
SEO Search engine optmisation,siteamp, meta TagsOptimize SEO, improve search ranking including for android applications on Gplay5
SSL/SSH & SSL certsManage ssl connectivity for rsync backups. ssh & ssl certificates5
iptables, firewalls, routing & rulesManage TCP/IP rules for all applications and customers. This include country ban and unique secured IP access5
snort & PulledPork to push rulesOpen source prevention intrusion system. In use on some servers for security purposes. Banned IP & hackers automated processes4
tor server anonymity routing processUsing and configuring tor on several Linux Laptop4
Network monitoring tools nagios, wiresharkMonitoring Free-Solutions servers4
Tools, libpcap, etherape, nmap, tcpdump, nmonFor detailed or Live Security analysis4
High availability / haproxy nginx config & tuningPort rerouting and high availabilty, managing services and accesses4
Specific realtime monitoring scriptsRealtime security email report and automated banned IP. Realtme hack or port scan, NCSA log analysis. Reports abuse to domain owners5



Databases, DBA and SQL expertise with databases



DB name

Expertise Usage

Level of expertise
SAP sybase advanced  DBA skillsSybase is core database used for Temenos Triple'A. Specialized and advanced database Technical consultancy / Temenos5
mysql and  mariadb  advanced DBA skillsmysql is main database used at Free-Solutions for web, collaborative servers and realtime XMPP webRTC servers5
postgres DBA skillsUsed with Linux and for BIRT actuate servers for banking reporting engines4
IBM db2 DBA skillsUsed with Triple'A infra mainly with Olympic2
Oracle DBA SkillsUsed for Triple'A 16.x Specialized Temenos banking consultancy2




Web & Application servers




Application serversExpertise UsageLevel of expertise
TomCatMain midleware server for Jive SBS software. Clearspace backend, main Free-Solutions social Framework and web server5
JettyMain midleware of Openfire. bundle with Openfire XMPP server backend. webRTC main pages server5
WebSphere IBMTriple'A web core banking projects. Specialized web consultancy and expertise. web Architectures5
Weblogic OracleTriple'A web core banking projects. Specialized web consultancy and expertise. web Architectures3
JBoss RedHatTriple'A web core banking projects. Specialized web consultancy and expertise. web Architectures3







App/Server nameExpertise UsageLevel of expertise
Openfire XMPP server Jive & Ignite-realtime communityjive software open source XMPP server. Main engine used for XMPP signaling and webRTC server5
Jitsi Video Bridge AtlassianAtlassian open source VideoBridge- Used as an openfire addon to provide video conferencing features4
SIP communicator - Jitsi ClientXMPP and webRTC client. Run on MS-WIN, Linux and Mac4
Jabber jabberd & prosody serversXMPP servers expertise, config and install. jabberd and several others4
STUN & TURN serversVarious Opensource TURN STUN servers. implementation config and management4



Social media & collaborative platforms, email framework



Vendor/appExpertise UsageLevel of expertise
Jive - ClearspaceIntranet/Extranet Collaborative framework5
Jive - Social Business SoftwareIntranet/Extranet Collaborative framework Specialized Jive Software consultancy4
WordPress,Buddypress & OF Social WordpressWordpress with webRTC chat and video features running on Openfire XMPP servers arm & x86 architectures5
Zimbra Email framework.Build,configured,deploy and admin several Zimbra servers to provide Email services for several domains. WebMail and mobile5


Versioning & devel tools



Tool nameExpertise UsageLevel of expertise
SVNPrefered versioning tool for Triple'A projects5
GITPrefered versioning tool for Linux app & webRTC repositories3
TortoisePreferred versioning client for Triple'A projects5
JiraPreferred issue management tool for Triple'A projects agile dev tool3



Programing languages

LanguageExpertise UsageLevel of expertise
Unix command line, Scripting bash,kshFree-Solutions framework and projects / Triple'A projects4
javascriptFree-Solutions web & webRTC service4
perlUsed for some project specific requirements2
HTMLFree-Solutions web & webRTC service4
HTML5Free-Solutions web & webRTC service3
SQLTriple'A projects Sybase-SQL and Free-Solutions MySql-SQL5

Compilation, builds & packaging

Package or buildExpertise UsageLevel of expertise
Linux Kernel compil and installWhen needed, for performance tuning and security, building specific kernels on CentOS, RHEL,Mageia,Ubuntu5
ATI and Nvidia Graphic Drivers compilationNeeded to support OpenGL 3D acceleration for 3D touch Linux Laptops. Expertise with xorg and proprietary drivers5
Chromium projectBuild from source for some webRTC tests and experiments, arm build4
Zimbra FrameworkEntire framework is Built from source for security hardening and adapted to used linux distribution5
Many open source apps build from sourceVarious compilations of packages from source code on different linux distributions and architecure x86,x86_64,arm,arm645
rpm package buildingCreate new and specific rpm packages. Used for Triple'A projects and Linux servers4

Mobile applications Development & publishing

Tool nameExpertise UsageLevel of expertise
Cordova crosswalkUsed to build HTML5 android applications. Generate Gplay official signed apk5
Intel XDK Cordova frameworkUsed to build HTML5 android applications. Design android applications with XDK-INTEL design studio framework4
android studio and android dev toolsUsed to build android applications.3
Gplay app publishingApplication publication and release management5
admob & adsense : monetizing applicationsMonetizing some Android applications3
Google analyticsMonitoring in real time all Free-Solutions server access, provide G analytics access to customers5
Android X86, run android OS on laptopsFor testing purpose only3

Financial software expertise

VendorExpertise UsageLevel of expertise
Temenos Triple'A ServerCore banking implementation, Triple'A specialized consultancy, architecture, security tests,system performances5
Temenos Triple'A plus & web appsTriple'A plus specialized consultancy,5
Triple'A GUITriple'A banking projects5
Triple'A Scripts & FormatTriple'A banking projects5
IBM webSphere Datastage transformation extenderInterfaces for Triple'A infrastructure4
Actuate Reporting Server BIRTReporting server for Triple'A & Triple'A plus. Installation tuning and architecture for banks. BIRT open source reporting server5



Desktop applications



Frequently used Linux desktop applications as a end user

Browsers: I am using always several browser simultaneously, Firefox & Chrome at least


App nameUsageLevel of expertise
FireFox on Linux PC's and arm mini PC's ODROIDEmail Zimbra webserver, web surfing5
Google Chrome, Chromium on Laptop and arm ODROIDGmail and Google apps, webRTC videoconf, web surfing5
Tor anonymity with Google Chrome, Chromium on LaptopUsing chrome configured with tor for anonymity using also tor browser4
Opera web browserwebRTC tests and experiments2
lynx, wget, youtube-dlAscii command line browsing5

Text-Processing & spreadsheet


App NameUsageLevel of expertise
LibreOffice LinuxAll office documents i am generating5
MS-Office on customers PC's onlyWhen at customers, using MS4

Desktop Linux


Desktop environementsUsageLevel of expertise
KDE / PlasmaOn all Laptop Desktop5
Compiz Fusion3D openGL on all Laptops5
Ubuntu MATEOn ODROID and arm Linux Devices3
Android x86For testing purposes3


Graphics audio and video processing


App NameUsageLevel of expertise
Gimp Image processingImage manipulation, photo4
Blender 3D image ray tracing3D ray tracing2
Vokoscreen : screen captureSimultaneous screen and camera capture on Laptop. Support for training, marketing and demo, ready for youtube upload2
Openshot : Video editor and building framework, used for my droneVideo production4
vlc videolan media playerVideo format manipulation and webM tests network flow playing3
Audio-video converter ffmpeg, mplayer webmConvert manage all type of video data. Used for webRTC recording including webM format5
cheese record camera and picturesRecord picture or video from camera4
















Frequently used website and social presence




Usage / Page description / pls access links with chrome or AndroidURL
Free Solutions webRTC Videocall 2 / Immediate multi-user video conferencing. Used to organize online meetingshttps://webrtc.free-solutions.org
Free Solutions webRTC Videocall 2 android app on Gplayhttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.freesolutions.videocall
Free Solutions webRTC test HD server Videocall / Immediate multi-user video conferencing in 1080phttps://test.free-solutions.org
Free-Solutions web page and Clearspace collaborative server / Cloud server, provide access to all my documents via web from anywherehttps://www.free-solutions.ch/clearspace
Free-Solutions Zimbra webMail serverhttps://mail.free-solutions.ch
Facebook Free-Solutions webRTC access / Use Free-Solutions videoconferencing within your Facebook sessionhttps://apps.facebook.com/webrtcvideocall
Free-Solutions Facebook pagehttps://www.facebook.com/free.solutions.ch/
webRTC videocall in action youtube video demohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bDspWHCrx9g
3D Ubuntu Linux Laptop & webRTC demohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b5F6YhDhJWg
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