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The tiny device is running a webRTC collaborative platform + full screen high quality videoConf features


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https://raspberry.free-solutions.org/inspiredThe Following device is running a webRTC collaborative platform.

Click on the image to log in or navigate to https://raspberry.free-solutions.org/inspired

                              Single                                                                                                                                  Cluster



As a result we have a almost 0 emission collaborative server, sufficient for mid sized organisations. Thanks to Clustering scaling and high availability is now possible.

You need Google chrome Browser to use webRTC communications features as screen share, telephony and high quality full screen video Conference.

Feel free to create your id and invite some people. You need to have some friends(Add some members as friend) to communicate

To create your login, simply click on the google icon and sign in with your Gmail credentials.

webRTC end user documentations is located here

I run same set of applications on a powerful linux server at http://www.free-solutions.org but HW cost and enrgy consumption is about 1000x more.

Feel free to contact us if you have questions.

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