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Instructions to create your webRTC account @free-solutions.org


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webRTC Collaboration platform what's for ?


This is an Open Source Collaboration Platform. It enable all features you need to start with an On-Line Collaboration platform.

webRTC and realtime communication is embedded so you can also perform audio conferences and video conferences with members.

webRTC provide high quality realtime audio video communication from Browser to Browser. Through our collaborative Wordpress server it enable Full screen and high resolution

videoconferencing. Feel Free to create your account and experience webRTC technology now.

Connect from your mobile phone,  share voice and video with inspired social features.

Use communication Box to share voice and video , chat with other users use the social platform from anywhere with any device in hand.


So what do i need to experiment ?

A fresh Google Chrome browser and a Gmail login

Software Requirements and settings

Only Google Chrome Browser latest release is supported for webRTC features at free-solutions.org

All features are working from an android phone, any Android tablet or a PC/Mac with Google chrome browser will do.

If you are using chrome on android do not forget to enable webRTC navigating to chrome://flags within your browser


Instructions to create your account @free-solutions.org

1-Click on "Inspired WebRTC" Tab or navigate to http://www.free-solutions.org bookmark site address



2-Login with your Google (Facebook authentication is not supported for now)

This will automatically create your account @webrtc.free-solutions.org. Click on Google or Facbook icon



Enter your Google account credentials usually user@gmail.com + your google password

make sure you are disconnect from your google account so it requires you to sign it and the following windows is poping up


This is a Google Authentication, so signing in is performed by Google. Free-Solutions does not get your credentials.

Since  you are authenticated to your google account, you are also authenticated at Free-solutions.org. So no more password will be required then

Now you are ready for the WebRTC Experience

Bookmark and Use this URL to connect directly  : http://free-solutions.org still using google or facebook button

The communication Box should appear at the Bottom Right

All these steps works the fine from an Android Phone, you can access your account and do video conf in webrtc mode with your friends(You need some friends first for sure)

3-Use Free-Solutions Inspired

Connect to http://www.free-solutions.org

Add Friends, and join group. You need to have Friends to use webRTC communication Box. Then you can do video conferencing and chat



Communication box will show up with your friends on line and group you joined

Then you can perform webRTC video conf Call from your Android mobile to your lapTop


From my Mobile :



Communication box will show up friends and group you joined

ANDROID devices :

If you are using chrome on android do not miss to enable webRTC navigating to chrome://flags within your browser



Chat and Video Conference accesses

Jappix is a XMPP webchat Client Chat. This version enable Videoconference via webRTC with subscribers. Your friends within Inspired webRTC will be available for chat and videoconference if they are on line

You can also use Jappix with the same credentials at https://webrtc.free-solutions.org:8443/jappix

If you expect to use Jappix or Spark or any XMPP Client you need to change your password within Inspired site.

Free-Solutions XMPP - Jabber server credentials :

  • server name : webrtc.free-solutions.org
  • Username : firstname_lastname
  • Password : the one you set within Inspired site

Usefull Links and references

Jive Openfire community : http://www.igniterealtime.org/

Inspired Project : https://code.google.com/p/inspired-social/

WordPress : https://code.google.com/p/inspired-social/

Jappix : http://jappix.org/

Free-solutions : http://www.free-solutions.ch


Interested ? Want to know more ?


Contact us

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