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Triple'A - Consulting

Free-Solutions Sàrl is providing specialised IT consultancy for Temenos Triple'A Plus. projects since 2006. Our deep and strong IT expertise for OdysseyTriple'A/OCS products is well known and apreciated on the market place. So far more than 25 financials institutions accounts place their confidence into Free-Solutions Sàrl for implementation, upgrades and support of their systems. We deliver professionnal and confidential consultancy and offer all guaranties needed.

As a JiveSoftware partner Free-Solutions Sàrl also sell, implement and deliver Jive, Jive is the solution you need to ensure sucess and maximal efficiency with your IT projects teams. With Jive Social Business Software you will drastically reduce projects implementation timing, increase your team efficiency.

Triple'A - Consulting

Our strategy :
We do provide high added value services to Triple'A customers.
Assisting customers in their IT choices, architecture, software installation, maintenance and upgrades.
Being flexible and highly reactive.

Competitive advantage :
We provide only talented experts with proven experiences in implementing Triple'A/OCS
Our rate card is well within the average of the European consultancy market.

Current business:
We are currently working with large financial institutions. Upon request we can provide references
We provide all the required guaranties to do so.

Typical assignments :
Triple'A performance audit and improvements - Security audit
Triple'A/OCS upgrades and installations - Coaching, knowledge transfer