Why Clearspace ?

Clearspace is a collaboration-based solution that interconnects its users, via the Web, in intelligent work spaces. These spaces of communication and sharing of knowledge are ideal and indispensable to the success of projects.

The collaboration is decentralized and security safe.

The solution replaces to advantage all the traditional tools used until now, from the point of view of efficiency, security, and flexibility.

A Clearspace community is up and working within a few minutes with no need for the intervention of a technical expert.

Learning Clearspace is very easy and not puzzling. For the user, it is similar to standard software.

The application is quite user-friendly and intuitive. It is appreciated by administrators and managers.

It includes the tools for versioning and work flow.

The search engine, AJAX technology, allows finding the required information instantaneously.

Clearspace comes with an option, solution Openfire, an instantaneous, professional and secure messaging server.

Minimal cost for a business license